Our team of Subject Matter Experts and Technical Writers offer you proven ability to deliver quality documentation on time. Over the years we have developed expertise in a wide range of disciplines from mechanical engineering, pure sciences, information technology, telecommunication, consumer / industrial electronics to cutting edge defence technology. Our team members have been drawn from all sections of industry and have the ability to create easy to understand industry standard documents and are adaptable to client specific customization.

All team members have adequate security clearances to work on classified projects, and are available to work out of the customer’s premises.

Expertise & Projects

We can help identify and customize information delivery based on your/client documentation needs. From simple paper based technical documentation to state of the art interactive technical publications. Essel currently works with Aircraft manufacturers, Aircraft systems and component manufacturers, Ship Builders/ Ship yards, Marine equipment manufacturers and manufacturers of defence equipment and systems in the following areas:

Maintenance manuals

Aircrew manuals

Structural Repair Manuals (SRM)

Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM)

Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC)

Service Bulletins (SB)

Technical Illustrations

Technical leaflets

Validation services

Complete IETP solution

Editing / Scrutinizing

The work flow adopted at Essel requires the end product to go through multiple levels of editing and technical scrutiny, this ensures a quality end product that is technically validated, and meets the agreed standard of documentation.

Content Origination

The quality and presentation of the content is the discerning factor amongst documents created. Essel has consistently helped clients stand out amongst competitors with well researched documents of superior quality.

Each assignment is managed on a project basis; subject matter experts carry our extensive research to familiarize themselves with the subject on hand. Work flow analysis and regular interaction with the client ensures a quality end product that meets the requirements of the customer.

Technical Illustrations

Creating top-quality illustrations, 2D as well as 3D and animations that explain complex technical processes are our forte. Use of the latest releases of software packages such as Auto Cad, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Corel draw, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max, Maya etc ensures perfect integration with Electronic Publishing Systems.

Hot spotting as required by standards such as ASD S1000D and ATA iSpec2200 can also be done.

Revision and updating of legacy graphics and drawing and converting them to standard formats such as IGES, CGM and TIFF can be undertaken.
Use of engineering notes, rough drawings and ‘reverse engineering’ techniques are used to create clear and accurate technical drawings and 3D animations. The range includes perspective, isometric, exploded and cut-away illustrations to support text, color illustrations and multimedia and marketing material.